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Monday, October 4, 2010

Anyone wanna buy some makeup?

Seriously. I sell Mary Kay....

We got hit with some crappy news this morning and need like 8 grand real fast.... We thought we were on the TIPS program for our property taxes (paid with the mortgage). We thought wrong. The city never sent us anything regarding arrears, no demands for payment etc. All of a sudden my husband noticed the mortgage had disappeared from his online banking, he called the bank and was given a number to call. He finally talked to them this morning to hear "wait for the letter from the lawyer". Great, thats exactly what we need. We cannot afford to be taken to court..... I'm done. I am so tired of the universe crapping on me. Really, it is never going to end it seems.

Please, help me sell 3000 eyeshadows, that should cover it.....

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