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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Formula companies offering breastfeeding advice is like Peg Perego offering babywearing tips...

... Only, much, much, worse!

It came to my attention yesterday via Phd in parenting that Similac and teamed up to offer "breastfeeding" tips, then the next day it was discovered that WebMD has done the same with Gerber (Nestle). I can just imagine the new mom who knows next to nothing about nursing but wants to give it a go being up late with a fussy baby and googling breastfeeding issues and *bam* finds the webmd or babble page..... clicks the link, reads, and then decides to call the "Lactation Consultants" (most definitely not board certified) and next thing you know, she is sending hubby to 7-11 to pick up a can of good start (or to get it from the cupboard, because if she did any baby shopping chances are she has 4 nestle diaper bags chock full of good start)..... I won't go into it too much here as there are a few other blogs that go into more detail.... but WTF? Really? I know formula companies are shady but this is low. What is really an upset is the fact that if every mom from now on nursed thier babies making the need for formula practically obsolete, neither one of those companies would really suffer. I mean Nestle manufactures everything it seems..... They make piles of money off chocolate, water, etc etc why can't they just leave nursing moms alone?

When my son was born I had about 4 nestle diaper bags (one was sent to my parents house, 2 came to my house, I got one via welcome wagon), all of them full of full size formula samples. the samples, i threw out and I'm glad i had the smarts to do so because the first 6 weeks of nursing were hell (my son was growing very well though, that was what kept me motivated) and had of I kept those samples (and spoke to one of the Nestle "Lactation Consultants" I hate to think what might of happened at 3 AM......

It is insulting, almost like the formula companies believe a nursing mother is too tired (or stupid?) to believe anything other than they offer breastfeeding advice out of the goodness of their cold, black hearts. And hey, if you are struggling, well their advice to you will undoubtedly be "well Mrs. Smith, did you know our crap in a can is as good as breastmilk?" UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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