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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Discrimination hurts...

Well, the events from last night make my last post somewhat irrelevant.. Not entirely though as it gives background. I no longer need to make the stay or go decision, it was made for me.

I went in to "work" last night to check the schedule. I was not on it, though someone was whited out... Me? Maybe. I asked the owner what was up, the other server had told me the schedule had been made on Monday so I knew it was not due to the updated one not being done.

The response I got? "we have decided to try out other people because of your arm"

Yup, even though I proved my abilities, was told I did a good job, I still lost the job because I have one arm!

At the moment, I am refraining from Naming and Shameing because I plan to contact a lawyer. I have already spoken to a contact at CBC as well as the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.

I'm hurt, I'm angry, I am a tidal wave of emotion. You might be inclined to say "it is only a job, you will find another" and you are correct. However, it runs deeper than that. I have let other employers treat me the same way and I'm tired of it. I need to take this as far as I can, I need to do it for me and for the 18 year old girl I once was who was told her arm was not esthetically pleasing. I need to do it for the child born today missing a limb. I need to do it.

As much as I want to take the sue their pants off route I'm doubtful I can afford it. Anyone know a good pro-bono lawyer in SK? I have been looking for a job since June when we doing out Movie Gallery was closing.

I never intended for this blog to become an outlet to advocate for amputees, lately though I'm definitely considering it. At least in part. This is a my life blog and I am an amputee which is my life...
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*edited because I swear like a sailor and um that might not help me here....

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  1. Jeannie, take this all the way man. Discrimination is illegal and I don't believe they can legally fire you if you proved you could do the job. While you may be told you should have presented your "disability" during the interview, the fact of the matter is, you were hired, you proved yourself and you did discuss the matter with your boss the first day. He appeared to agree to give you a fair chance, then let you go. The fact that he flat out told you it was because of your arm is I think what may sink him. Not sure about SK, but it's got to be similar to AB and in AB an employer can let an employee go without giving a reason and with no notice during the first 3 months; however, they are NOT allowed to let an employee go due to discrimination at any time. (At the very least, the negative publicity will make the guy squirm!!) Good luck and please keep us posted! So many people will be cheering you on, and if you fight and win this it will be an amazing win for so many who face the same types of discrimation. You have a lot of people behind you in this!!!