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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Untitled (because I can't think of a good one)

Went for a job interview on Wednesday. Food and Beverage dept at the Gold Eagle Casino. I'm hoping the fact I am an internal applicant helps me out. I love my current position in slots but I need more hours. I would like to be able to just work at the casino instead of trying to juggle 2 job schedules, along with the show I'm doing with the Battleford Community Players (more on that later). I'm grateful I got an interview seems as they already know about my arm and chose to interview me anyways. We all know that legally they cannot deny me one based on that but they certainly could have based on my lack of experience in that particular area. I'm trying to stay positive without getting my hopes up too high. I'll know for sure by Wednesday, the waiting is killing me. I'm still looking at other job postings but there really is not much that I have not already applied for.... I need a job, the bills are getting paid but it is leaving us without much else....

As for my human rights complaint I have no new news there, no idea what the process will be.... All I know is it has me incredibly stressed out. Google has not proved helpful in finding information on how long these things take or in how they turn out. I'm also questioning if it is really worth it, will anything really change? I won't know unless I try, but part of me wants to try to forget it and move on. I know I would regret not doing anything though. I hope society can come to a place where nobody needs to feel the things I have felt these last couple weeks. I feel a tidal wave of emotions every time I start to think about it. Not thinking about it is almost impossible.

As for the show, well I have an incredibly small part (2 lines) but I am script supervisor which requires me to attend every rehearsal. The show is called "Always Wear Your Muumuu In A Vegas Firestorm" written by Wendy Lockman from Swift Current. Funny as all hell, 30 bucks gets you the show and dinner. It is probably the only thing not stressing me out right now.....

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