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Friday, November 5, 2010

New job! And other stuff you need to know (maybe)

Yes! It is true! I have a job! Dispatching nights at the local taxi company. I. Love. It. I love the hours because I still get to hang with my kids all day (hang out, not hang to the roof as tempting as that seems some days), I wear what I want, full benifits too. And so far the night drivers are awesome. One can never have too many iced caps from Tim Hortons and they ensure I get them. Only downside so far, that place I hate, you know the one I'm going after for discrimination? Yeah, they use us for deliveries all the time. Lucky for me the calls are short.

Speaking of which, they were supposed to be served this week and I am to get a copy. Nothing yet *sigh* I know, I know, I see you shiver with..... Anticipation. I want updates too, believe me!

Sad news of the last few weeks, Lincoln's grandma passed away. However, she was 82 and kicked ass her whole life! She had a good ride. Also, I love his family at funerals, sounds odd but hear me out. They cry obviously but they also celebrate that persons life and the get togethers are always great. Even when the reason to get together sucks, the times are good. Lincoln's brother stayed here for a few days which was awesome. I know Lincoln misses him and my kids loved having uncle schnicky around.

Hmmmm I think that is all for now...
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  1. No, no ,'s

    I see you shiver with antici.....pation!

    You gotta have the pause in the right location!

  2. I know.... I realized it after I sent it from my phone.... and was too lazy to come edit it lol....