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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Mediation will occur within the next two weeks. I'm just waiting for the mediator to get back to me on a date. To be honest I'm surprised they went for early resolution, likely their lawyer advised it.

So now I wonder what would be fair for me to propose as a settlement, I know I want a massive apology but yes I am seeking financial compensation. The whole fiasco further complicated my claim for EI after Movie Gallery closed... I lost out on a full-time salary and tips. Tips that I suspect would have been pretty darn good considering what I made only serving 4-5 customers that one shift.

Also, compensation on the emotional front. I used to think that was a stupid excuse to get money until I was grossly humiliated in front of a restaurant full of people and then again to my face with what was said. The feelings I felt that night were indescribable. I was excited for the new job, happy that I had proved myself, and then..... "we decided to try other people because of your arm" . That was the verbal equivalent of a sucker punch to the face. I have pretty solid self esteem considering the verbal bitchslaps I have taken through the years in regards to my arm, but a comment like that after proving I was *ahem* awesome and capable? Bitchslap 1, self esteem 0.

So, hopefully I can find a lawyer to simply offer some advice to me prior to mediation... Harder than it sounds though, either they do not deal with this sort of thing or nobody is in the office *sigh*

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