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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Can't wait to see the shit fly....

Once this is posted on my fridge....

Household Rules

I cannot keep up with this giant disaster alone, so I am making basic rules for everyone to follow. The biggest problem is the kitchen, if it continues to become a disaster a day after being cleaned I will remove all the dishes and replace them with disposable plates, cutlery, etc.

The Kitchen/Dining Area

  • Always tidy up behind yourself.

    If you're old enough to grab or make your own snack or meal, you're required to put away any dishes used, wipe down the prep area or cooktop, and put all utensils away. If you make it for the kids, teach them how to clean up...

    Scrape the plates into the garbage, then rinse. If the dishwasher is full of dirty dishes turn it on. If it is full of clean dishes, unload it and put them away. Please, do not leave dishes full of food on the counter or in the sink. If you can eat and reach the counter, bus your own plate.

  • Wipe down counters after use.

    Crumby way to live, with food all over countertops. Although, insects don't seem to think so do they?

  • Eat at the table.

    Lets try to reduce the mess elsewhere. This won't be easy for the kids as they are used to wandering around with snacks etc but it will help reduce the overall mess (and prevent the dog from stealing). If the table has crafts etc all over it, clean it off....

  • Empty the trash.

    Self explanatory

  • Recyclables

    Cardboard (including pizza boxes) break down and put into the large box with broken down cardboard already in it by the back door. When full, move it outside until it can be taken to recycling.

    Pop Bottles (and other plastic bottles and cans) remove caps (garbage), rinse and crush. Put in a plastic bag. Move to basement or shed when full.

    Beer bottles can go back in the case, move to shed or basement

    Stop leaving empty hard liquor bottles in the cupboard.

  • Did you eat the last one?

    Then why is the empty box still in the pantry?

  • Make use of the saran wrap, foil, and containers with lids.

    Uncovered food in the fridge dries out quickly and is inedible quite quickly.

Misc Other Rules

  • Put dirty laundry where it belongs

  • Help the kids put toys away

  • Clean up after crafts etc

  • Stop piling everything on a shelf, or a counter, or on top of an already precarious pile

  • If the dog chewed it, throw it out

  • If it is broken beyond repair, throw it out

  • If it resembles garbage, throw it out

  • If it is too small, set it aside, let me know, I'll put it with donations

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