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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ticketmaster, you disgust me!

I shouldn't complain, after all I did score Garth Brooks tickets for the 62.00 face value. They are miles apart though because ticketmasters shitty app crashed partway through payment for 2 seats together. My problem is the sad realization that ticketmaster is as much of a bottom feeder as the "reseller" *cough* scalper sites out there. How else does stubhub get 200 tickets (some of the best seating available) right off the hop while real fans can hardly buy 2 tickets within the same section? I'm a GB fan but had of I not gotten the tix I did I never would buy them off a reseller. It's legal scalping and the more folks buy from them then the more the dirtbags are encouraged to keep scalping. Ticketmaster didn't like the fact GB made his Calgary stampede 2012 show affordable so they obviously brokered a deal with con artists to make money. My dad thinks Garth Brooks should cancel his show in protest, I agree... <===brilliant! i entered, explaining how i would like to sit with my husband... if i get these tickets (or any others that are together) I will give mine away....

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