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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I love you!

Dad, Mom, Andrea, Lincoln, Xander, Zoe, Liz, Axel, Cole, Grady, Margo, Dan, Colton, Kayla, Jesse, Erin, Beckie, Traci, Shantelle, Riley, Ava, Ivan, Rosemary, Mirna, Butch, Sonny, Garry, Brenda, Kim, Sara, Jen, Wally, Grandma, Amanda, Leslie, Murray, Lesmeister, Natalie, Peggy, Kim, Erma, Robin, Kayla, Jon, Sherri, Meaghen, Chantel, Corina, Danni, Shelley, Farrah, Faye, Aaron, Aimee, Claire, Danny, Anne, Bruce, BJ, Bo, Gail, Chris x 8 (I know a lot of Chris's) , Henry, Matt, Crystal, Jamie, Kyle, Kylie, Dave, Curtis, Frank, Rhonda, Danielle, Tyler, Pam, Paula, Quan, Peter, Rachel, Spencer, Tegan....

I could go on and on, and I will. I have so many awesome friends and family who I adore. If you are not listed it does not mean I forgot. This post is merely the beginning!

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