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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stuff.... For Sale

I am putting my remaining carriers on sale! The Organic Bobas are 100.00 each and the Wraps 30.00. I am in North Battleford, buyer pays shipping. The colours I have left are (Boba) Aspen (dark brown/off white) and Willow (light brown/green)

Wrap colours are, Dark Green (kind of an army green), Purple, Orange, Light blue (baby blue)

Both of these carriers are awesome! I used the wrap with my daughter and though at first 8 feet of fabric seemed daunting I was easily able to use the wrap and tie it. My daughter loved hers.

I have used the Boba with both kids (my son at 50+ lbs was still doable) and my daughter loves loves loves her boba. Again, one handed easy to use. and

Blackberry Pearl, red, sasktel network. Wall charger, USB cable, 2 batteries, and holster included. Make an offer, less than a year old.

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